Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Winkin,blinkin,and Nod's BIG adventure

Wow, what a day!
It amazing the persepcitve you get when you live with young children. Today the kids and I went to the famer's market. Unfourtunatly right now the only vehicle I have is this BIG HONKIN boat of suv. Needless to say, I dont like to drive it, especially in a small crowed pedestrian filled place. And then the most brilliant Idea came to me.
The Bus!
When I was younger and carless I took the bus all the time and was familiar with how to get down there to the market so I got my backpack prepped, napped, then we left for our adventure. It was a day filled with lessons.

Lesson one: Sometimes even the best plans dont pan out
 There we were.
Across the street was our stop. All that stood in our way was 5 pm traffic on a very busy street. We had a  cross walk , and we had just pushed the button. I checked the time. We had 5 minutes which, even with short  toddler legs would have been PLENTY of time. I breathed a sigh of relief knowing we would make it back before dark.
And then the bus came.
"Mommy is that our bus?" said Winkin
"Mom is that our bus?" said Blinkin
"Mama it at a bssss?" said Nod (hes the baby, and he repeats everything Winkin and Blinkin say)
Umm yes but not to worry family! another one will come in 20 minutes!
"but we hurried mommy" lamented Winkin.
"yeah we got our shoes on" added blinkin
"Park!" said Nodd
And Thus, we got to play at the park for 20 minutes, which just goes to show you that when God sends the bus ealry sometimes he gives you something fun to do as a trade.

Lesson 2
Its hard to consider other people when you are disapointed

Its been BEAUTIFUL north florida  weather. But every now and then the day will start out for shorts and then end in pants. This was such a day. In our hurry to get to bus, we didnt put shoes on Nod, since I was just going to push him in the stroller and it was so nice, I figured it wouldnt be a big deal.  But since we missed our first bus we were a little bit behind schedual. We got our veggies, looked at some really cool gemstones, bought some locally raised alligator meat and sat down to start eatin some strawberries. It was lovely. Families were everywhere kids were playing in the common area someone had a bunch of hula hoops Winkin was done snacking a petting the numerous dogs and puppies and ready to play.
It was starting to get dark, and cooler,(which I hadnt planned) and I had no idea how much colder it was going to be. ( I know what you yankees are thinking, Your in Florida, also know as the sunshine state: its not going to get THAT cold, Yeah well, its cold to us. anyway quit interupting me) So I had to call the kids in, and get everyone to the bus stop before the bust stopped running. And Winkin was mad.
"You never buy me anything!"
"I wish I had a Hula Hoop!"
"I didnt even get to play"
Blinkin was pulling up clover next to the bench.
"Winkin, you are being really selfish right now. Nod dosent have on long pants or shoes, and its getting cold. I know that you really wanted to play with the hula hoops, but sometimes you cant do everything you want . Im sorry it didnt work out this time"
I could see the realization come over her face. She was still mad of course, but she understood. and by the time we had changed buses, she told me she was sorry for being mad and that she loved me again.

Lesson 3
Always buy light up shoes

So its dark.
Really dark.
and of course the street lights arent all working. So as we head off the main road into the  dark neighborhood Winkin is getting nervous. But not to worry! Blinkin has light up shoes.
So when we got home, we were all starving. The alligator hadnt thawed out yet so I decided wed order pizza.
pretty much a great adventure.
The end

Saturday, February 12, 2011

Why wont my child go to sleep????

It seems like all parents at some point or another have children who seemingly refuse to sleep. I know mine to, with gusto.  With great dedication, they ask me for more water more stories, more hugs, kisses, pillows, blankets and stuffed animals. You would think after a long day, a good meal and a hot bath, the best part would be climbing into a cozy bed and drifting off into a peaceful slumber.
Well I guess that shows what you know.
Falling asleep is probably the most dangerous part of your child’s day. Hang on!
Babies and small children don’t know anything about anything. YOU (the parent, caregiver, life manager, ECT) teach them everything they know about their lives. They watch you to learn how to walk, talk, point, go potty, make scrambled eggs, talk to a spouse, EVERYTHING. Except sleep. I know I’m going out on a limb but I’m guessing your kids have never watched you fall asleep. How could they? You can’t sleep until they sleep. And of course when they are you aren’t there to guide them.
And how is it so dangerous? Let’s remember that humans are adapted/Created to live outside where the wild things are. Sleeping is downright dangerous to this primitive mind. Your child doesn’t know how they can be sure that if they relax all their senses, close their eyes and stay very still Nothing will eat them; Unless of course they can feel you holding them or right next to them.
Now this is the part where I suppose you would be expecting advice on getting your kids to sleep. I surely can’t tell you anything that you haven’t heard before. I just wanted you to see going to sleep from this perspective. It’s a little reminder that you kids are NOT avoiding sleep just to get on your nerves. They do it because they know that you are the only thing that really truly can keep them feeling secure.